We are passionate healthcare investors with a proven track record of success. For more than a decade, our senior investment team has been a trusted capital partner to healthcare companies, non-profit institutions and inventors around the globe.

Our philosophy is simple. Identify compelling investment opportunities that will generate significant long-term value for our partners and our investors. We have over $3.4 billion in cumulative capital commitments across several investment vehicles.

We are experienced
domain investors

We have a time-tested
investment strategy

We are long-term
capital partners

Healthcare is what we know. Healthcare is where we invest. We are former surgeons, pharmaceutical executives, bankers, equity analysts, lawyers and consultants. We have decades of investment, operational, clinical, structuring and capital markets experience. Our Strategic Advisory Board consists of six prominent healthcare veterans that enhance the depth and expertise of our team. Our senior team has invested together for over a decade. We have evaluated thousands of products and companies and executed over 60 transactions. We know first-hand that our partners need a long capital runway to achieve their objectives. Traditional financing sources work well at certain stages of growth but not others. We designed our investment platform to serve as a long-term capital resource for our partners. Broad, flexible, less expensive, and directly aligned with their business models and objectives. We dedicate ourselves to being long-term capital partners, not just a capital provider. We offer thoughtful hands-on counsel, extensive resources and a deep global network to help our partners build stronger businesses, launch new products, fund clinical research and other business initiatives. And when things get tough we are right by our partner’s side. We problem solve, we provide additional capital, and operational support to ensure our partners succeed.