We meet with hundreds of companies every year. We understand your financial needs and challenges. We know a longer capital runway is necessary for you to achieve your business objectives. But we also know that traditional financing sources work well at certain stages of growth but not others.

One of the benefits to working with us is that we have a broad, flexible, less expensive with low covenant restrictions, investment platform. This enables us to tailor each and every deal we do to your specific needs. Our deals are also typically completed in a single-party transaction, which expedites the timing to close and limits other deal and process complexities.

We also take a long-term perspective as our investments produce sustainable revenues over an extended period of time. But we know a lot can happen in several years. This is why we designed our platform with multiple investment approaches. We can help you today but also into the future as your business matures.

Another benefit to working with us is that we are long-term capital partners, not just a capital provider. We listen. We provide advice. We problem solve. We provide additional capital and operational support. As we only succeed if you succeed.

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