We take a long-term perspective and invest in healthcare assets that will produce sustainable revenues over an extended period of time. The healthcare assets we target have significant clinical value, strong barriers to entry and are marketed by some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Our investments span the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, specialty pharmaceutical and medical device/diagnostics sectors.

We designed our investment platform to serve as a long-term capital resource for our partners. Broad, flexible, less expensive with low covenant restrictions, and directly aligned with their business models and objectives. We utilize time tested principles and deep domain experience to tailor each deal for our partners.

Our team utilizes multiple investment approaches to help our partners achieve their goals:

We provide debt financing that is typically less restrictive from a covenant perspective. Our team utilizes a variety of structures - term loan with coupons, convertible debt, term loan with warrants and a royalty component – to support the ongoing operations of our partners.
We acquire all or part of the future cash flow payments of a royalty contract from the owner of a healthcare asset. In return, we make a lump sum payment and/or milestone payments.
We provide capital to the owner of a healthcare asset in return for a royalty contract, similar to a license agreement.